The Story

Our Origins

In 2014, we noticed that the key eDiscovery tools were too expensive and out of reach to the vast majority of lawyers: those who work at small and mid-sized law firms. For this reason, we created WIND as a simple and straightforward platform to upload documents for review in Relativity.

We believe that WIND can level the legal technology playing field.

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Empowering You

WIND is making the best digital tools for your case accessible, empowering you to serve your clients and win your case. Data is a crucial part of litigation strategy, and WIND makes it easy and affordable to capture that data. WIND gives you the tools and documentation to ask opposing counsel for the right data, so that you can use WIND to sift through and find the gold in your case.

What are
your alternatives to WIND?

Not Using Data

Would you be properly representing your client if you’re not using something so relevant, so powerful, and so pervasive as digital data?

Getting your data in paper, or PDF

Ok, so you have your data, but are you using the data to its fullest potential? Can you look through your data to quickly get the right information? Are you using your data efficiently?


eDiscovery vendors can do a lot of the work for you but can you, or do you want to, pay the steep price tag for lots of people doing work that you are now empowered to do? WIND helps you harness your data, so that you can easily and successfully empower you and your clients.