▶ What is WIND?

 After a decade of experience in the eDiscovery industry, we noticed smaller firms and sole proprietors didn’t have easy access to eDiscovery tools such as kCura’s Relativity®. We believe that legal teams of all sizes should have access to powerful eDiscovery tools. That’s why we built WIND.

WIND gives legal practitioners access to Relativity, the industry’s leading document processing and review tool. On the WIND portal, you can place all electronic data relevant to your case into Relativity, a platform that will allow you to sort through and mark-up the electronic data.

▶ Why would I need an eDiscovery tool like WIND?

The volume of electronic data continues to grow exponentially. Data can come from a variety of sources, including e-mails, phone calls, computer files, applications, and social networks. Consequently, it has become nearly impossible to analyze all this data efficiently without an eDiscovery platform such as Relativity.

Are there emails involved in your case? Phone calls? Computer files? If so, you need eDiscovery.

▶ Who is the right type of client for WIND?

WIND gives legal practitioners access to powerful tools that require some degree of tech know-how. WIND is great for people who have used Relativity before, or for those who are tech savvy and ready to learn how to use an eDiscovery platform like Relativity.

▶ How does WIND work?

Once you have gathered all of your case data, upload your data to WIND. WIND will then take all of your case data and make the text fully searchable, and will also let you sort through data based on metadata, or a number of other metadata factors.

▶ Do you provide any training or tech support for WIND?

WIND has a set of resources that are constantly expanding. We provide you with information and tutorials so you can make the most of WIND, and your electronic data.

We can also provide one-on-one training for a fee. Contact us at help@windlegal.com for Relativity training by one of our Relativity Certified Administrators for $99 per hour.

▶ How do I sign up for WIND?

You can sign up for WIND simply by clicking LOGIN at the top right of the screen or by clicking here to create an account. Signing up for WIND is easy–all you need is a credit card. No salespeople. No invoices.

▶ How much does WIND cost?

WIND is $299 per month. This gives you one Relativity user license and 25GB of processing and hosting space. WIND is billed month-to-month. There are no long-term contracts.


▶ Can WIND scale up as my eDiscovery needs grow?

Need more than one Relativity user license? Each additional license is $99 per month.

Need more than 25GB of space? For an additional $99 per month you get an extra 25GB of space.

▶ Do you do forensic data collections? Document review?

No, not at this time.

▶ What does WIND come with?

WIND comes with:

  • 25 GB of space – No charges for processing, hosting, or uploading. Just 25 GB of your data made reviewable in Relativity.
  • Relativity 9 – The world’s most powerful document review platform, usable on all major browsers.
  • Tools to make the most out of your data – We’re giving you all that you need to make the most out of WIND, such as template briefs requesting electronic data.

▶ How do I get the data that I need from opposing counsel?

Some data, like PDFs, have lots of searchable information, but are missing some really helpful data, such as when a file was created or, who created the file. During the discovery phase, you can ask opposing counsel for data that is rich in metadata through our template brief. Remember, this is just a template; please make sure you adjust it to your specific case.

▶ Can I provide services via WIND to multiple clients? Or, would I need separate memberships for each client?

You just need one membership. You can have different workspaces for different clients and/or cases. You can also purchase additional Relativity user licenses for your clients at $99 per user per month.

▶ Do you offer a free trial or demo?

WIND is a payment and upload platform that provides access to Relativity. If you would like to see how Relativity works, you may take a look at this approximately 10 minute demo video we created for a client. To get a general sense of how WIND works, please take a look at this 1 minute video. We do not offer a free trial at this time.

▶ Does my WIND membership include technical support or training?

WIND was designed as a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) service. Therefore, the basic WIND membership does not include technical support or training. However, we do provide one-on-one Relativity training for $99 per hour, and Tech Time for $175 per hour. Training is provided by one of our Relativity Certified Administrators.
You may also purchase tech time in bundles. Please contact us at contact@windlegal.com for bundle pricing.

▶ What is included in Tech Time? What is not included?

The following services are included in tech time:

  • Create DAT/OPT if missing
  • Fix DAT file, OPT
  • Convert images to correct format (8 Bits to 1 Bit)
    • Correct format: Group IV single page Tiff images
  • OCR documents if text files are missing
  • Custom workflows for Relativity features

Tech Stuff

▶ How can I best upload the documents?

The most effective and efficient way to upload documents is in large chunks. You can consolidate your files through .zip files.

▶ Why can I only upload 20GB at a time?

We currently limit file uploads to 20GB as upload issues can present themselves for uploads larger than 20GB. If you need to break down your files into smaller sizes, recent versions of Windows and Mac have it built in. Otherwise, you can use 7z.

▶ How long does it take before I can look at the data I’ve uploaded?

The typical turnaround time for data is 24 hours from when it has been uploaded. After you have uploaded your data, we use our data processing recipe to extract the important information from your data.

▶ What is metadata?

Metadata is “data about data.” Metadata tells you who created a file, or who sent an email, and when they created or sent that document. It can also tell you where a document is stored on a user’s system or the geographic location a picture was taken. It’s hugely helpful in telling your data’s story.

▶ Can I run a document production through WIND?

WIND gives you access to Relativity, and you will be able to run productions in Relativity. Here and here are video tutorials on how to run document productions in Relativity.

▶ Does the 25GB limit represent maximum storage at any given time, or maximum data uploaded? Can the space be freed up and reused?

The 25GB includes data uploaded. Say you sent WIND 10GB of data, and by the time it was processed, uploaded, and hosted on Relativity, it expanded to 15GB. That would mean you have used 10 out of 25GB. If you deleted those 10GB, then you would have your full 25GB of space.

▶ What file types can be uploaded to WIND?

You can upload various archive formats via the WIND dashboard. These include:

  • .zip
  • .rar
  • .7z
  • .gz
  • .gzip
  • .tar
  • .bz2

Additionally, we accept multi-part archive files that end in the following formats:

  • .z01, .z02, .z03, etc.
  • .001, .002, .003, etc.
  • Or any of multi-part zip that ends with its file extension. E.g., file.001.zip, file.002.zip, etc.

▶ What file types can be processed by WIND?

WIND is able to process any of the following file types:

Extension NameExtension TypeExample Associated Programs
Audio/Video Files
AIFAudio Interchange FormatWindows Media Player
MIDMIDI FileWindows Media Player
MP3MP3 Audio FileWindows Media Player
MP4MPEG-4 Video FileWindows Media Player
MPAMPEG-2 Audio FileWindows Media Player
MPGMPEG-Video FileWindows Media Player
RAReal Audio FileVLC Media Player
WAVWAVE Audio FileWindows Media Player
WMAWindows Media Audio FileWindows Media Player
WMVWindows Media Video FileWindows Media Player
Container Files
7Z7-Zip FileWinZip, WinRar, 7Z, Gzip
CABCabinet FileWinZip, WinRar, 7Z, Gzip
GZGZip FileWinZip, WinRar, 7Z, Gzip
RARCompressed Archive FileWinZip, WinRar, 7Z, Gzip
ZIPCompressed Archive FileWinZip, WinRar, 7Z, Gzip
ZIPXCompressed Archive FileWinZip, WinRar, 7Z, Gzip
Data Files
EFXeFax Documentj2 Global Communications eFax
EPUBOpen eBook FileGeometer Plus FBReader
Hyper-Text Documents
HTMHyper-Text Markup Language FileWeb Browsers
HTMLHyper-Text Markup Language FileWeb Browsers
MHTMIME HTML FileWeb Browsers
XMLeXtensible Markup LanguageWeb Browsers
MHTLMIME HTML FileWeb Browsers
Image Documents
BitmapBitmap ImageGeneric Image File
BMPBitmap ImageGeneric Image File
EMBEmbroidery FileDesign Explorer
GIFGraphics Interchange FormatGeneric Image File
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts GroupGeneric Image File
JPGJoint Photographic Experts GroupGeneric Image File
MSPMicrosoft Paint FileMS Paint
PDFPortable Document FileAdobe Reader
PNGPortable Network GraphicsGeneric Image File
TIFTagged Image Format FileAdobe Reader
TIFFTagged Image Format FileAdobe Reader
PICGeneric Image FileGeneric Image File
PSDPhotoshop DocumentPhotoshop
XPSMicrosoft XPS docMicrosoft XPS Viewer
Mail Documents
BOXEmail MessageFox Mail
CNMEmail MessagePegasus Mail
EMLEmail MessageGeneric Mail Format
EMLXEmail MessageGeneric Mail Format
IDBMail IndexPocoMail / Barca
IDXMail IndexPocoMail / Barca, Forte Agent
Mail DBEmail MessageMSN Mail v8
MBGEmail ArchiveMailbag Assistant
MBSEmail MessageOpera Mail
MBOXEmail Message
MBXMailbox FileEudora, Outlook Express
MHTEmail ArchiveMHT Web Archive File
MSGEmail MessageMicrosoft Outlook
NSFEmailLotus Notes
NWSEmail MessageWindows Live Mail
OLMMailbox FileMicrosoft Outlook
OSTEmail ArchiveMicrosoft Outlook
PMIMail IndexPegasus Mail
PMMMailbox FilePegasus Mail
PMXEmail ArchiveEmail Examiner
PSTMailbox FileMicrosoft Outlook
RGEEmail ArchiveEntourage Archive
TBBEmail MessageThe Bat!
TOCMail IndexEudora
WDSEMLEmail MessageGeneric Mail Format
MBOXMailbox FileApple Mail, Mozilla ThunderBird
STMEmail MessageMicrosoft Exchange Server
Multi-Use Extension
MPTProject Management File, Image FileMS Project, Generic Image File
Presentation Documents
PPSPower PointMicrosoft Power Point
PPTPower PointMicrosoft Power Point
PPTXPower PointMicrosoft Power Point
Project Management Software
MPPProject FileMS Project
Quickbooks Documents
QBBQuickbooks Backup FileQuickbooks
QBWQuickbooks Primary Data FileQuickbooks
QBXAccount Transfer FileQuickbooks
Spreadsheet Documents
CSVComma-Separated VariablesMicrosoft Excel
ODSOpenDocument SpreadsheetMicrosoft Excel
XLSWorkbook FileMicrosoft Excel
XLSXWorkbook FileMicrosoft Excel
XLSMMacro-enabled Workbook FileMicrosoft Excel
XLSBBinary Workbook FileMicrosoft Excel
DIFData Interchange FormatMicrosoft Excel
SYLKSymbolic Link
XLAMExcel Add-in
XLAExcel Add-in
Temporary Files
TMPTemporary FileVarious Programs
Text Documents
DATData FileGeneric Text File
DATAData FileGeneric Text File
DOCDocument FileMicrosoft Word
DOCXDocument FileMicrosoft Word
DOTXDocument Template FileGeneric Text File
LOGLog FileGeneric Text File
LSTList FileGeneric Text File
RTFRich Text FormatGeneric Text File
TXTText FileGeneric Text File
WPDWord Perfect FileGeneric Text File
WPSWord Processing DocumentMicrosoft Works
ODTOpenDocument Text DocumentOpenOffice
PAGESPages DocumentApple Pages
TEXLaTeX Source DocumentLaTeX Editor
PRNFormatted Text (Space Delimited)
Microsoft Visio Files
VSDVisio FileVisio


▶ Which version of Relativity is WIND running?

WIND uses Relativity 9.5.

▶ Will I need Relativity training before using WIND?

WIND provides access to Relativity, which is an extremely powerful, but complex software. Unless you have a litigation support team in house who is familiar with Relativity, tech time is highly recommended. WIND is a DIY service, and works great for tech savvy firms who are just receiving productions from opposing counsel. However, it can become challenging when you have to collect data from your clients, and manage a document review project.

▶ Are there any features (such as e-mail threading) that are not available through WIND?

Additional features, such as e-mail threading and Analytics, are not included in the basic WIND membership.


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